Every runner gets to end with a trail leg!

August 14, 2021

* Teams of 1 to 6 Runners 

* 82.24 miles

* Each runner gets a trail leg

* Epic views of The Elkhorn Wilderness

Top  3 reasons to sign up for the Elkhorn Relay


1. We supply all the volunteers!

That's right, you don't have to bring any volunteers or pay hundreds of dollars to rent them.

2. Finish at the base of a beautiful ski resort with a trail leg!

There will be a (socially distanced) party and food waiting for you there.

3. Poceeds go to support charity!

Head over to the 'About' page to read the stories of some of the organizations we support.

Ok, just a few more good reasons to sign up​

*Perfect blend of really difficult legs to fairly easy ones to accommodate all levels of runners!

*Register for next years race at the finish line for a huge discount!

*The best volunteers ever, we dare you to find better ones!

A big "thank you" to our sponsors!

We want to thank the businesses that have believed in and stood with us.

~ To learn more, click on the logos. ~


The finish line food is sponsored by Calvary Chapel. 

(As well as most of our lovely volunteers!)

Our Primary Sponsor! 

Blue Banana Espresso Logo.jpg

The Blue Banana Espresso is located in Lostine, OR.

Stop by and try it!  We know you'll love it. 

A relay might be a horrible experience without quality porta-potties. 

Rahn Sanitary does the best job of any company we've ever seen! 

And we're not just saying that.

Rahn Sanitation Logo.png
GRCC Logo.png

Dr. Casey has been a team captain multiple years as well as a sponsor.  Thank you!

Daniel has been a Corporate Sponsor for multiple years.  His wife, Sarah, has been a Team Captain from the beginning.  Thank you both!

The Succulent Hub.png

Eve has been a Corporate Sponsor and Team Captain.  Thank you so much! 

Not only have the sponsored us in years past, Josh, Judy, and Naomi and faithful transition volunteers as well!

Clines Professional Carpet Cleaning (1).

Our finish line as well as the catered meal at the end is provided by the awesome these awesome folks.

Combes Wellness Logo.jpg

John is a true master in assisting the human body in healing.

Try Combe's Wellness Center!

703 L Avenue

La Grande, OR  97850

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