August 8, 2020

* Teams of 1 to 6 Runners 

* 82.24 miles

* Each runner gets a trail leg

* Epic views of the Elkhorn Wilderness

Use code FIRSTTHREE20 to get $150 off!!!

Elkhorn Relay's plans to proceed in light of covid-19:  

* Start times will be carefully staggered so that crowds won't be accumulating there.

* The Finish Line food will be served in prepackaged portions.  

* We will not have a central gathering area at the finish line and racers will be encouraged to disperse as they finish.  Given the number of racers and the available area at the finish line, we are confident there is plenty of space to accommodate that.

* In the unlikely event we are forced to cancel, you will have the choice of 50% cash back and 50% applied towards EHR 2021, or 100% applied towards EHR 2021. 

Top  3 reasons to sign up for the Elkhorn Relay


1. We supply all the volunteers!

That's right, you don't have to bring any volunteers or pay hundreds of dollars to rent them.

2. Finish at the base of a beautiful ski resort with a trail leg!

There will be a party and food waiting for you there.

3. Some of the proceeds go to support charity!

Head over to the 'About' page to read the stories of some of the organizations we support.

Ok, just a few more good reasons to sign up​

*Perfect blend of really difficult legs to fairly easy ones to accommodate all levels of runners!

*Register for next years race at the finish line for a huge discount!

*The best volunteers ever, we dare you to find better ones!

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